The Smallest Is Surely The Largest Of Things

HumaniverseModern Cosmology tells us the further we look into the macrocosm of 100 billionish galaxies of the observable universe, the further we see into our past, to see what all has occurred.

Quantum Physics informs a new understanding that looking into the microcosm of the subatomic and particle level as the present moment occurrence of the manifesting future – to determine by thought and intent, all that can or will occur.

Upon that knowing, it becomes obvious that the microcosm is actually the macrocosm, by its power of generation, creation and singular creative relationship to– The one and only Eternal Now.

It is not what we see that determines what we learn, nor is how we see it.  It is the depth to which we are willing to look, both outward and inward, in intent and in kind.  There is no more of the universe unveiled to the mind of man through a telescope, than through a microscope.

Rather in his willingness to see – her willingness to understand – our willingness to be and let be … come