Black History

Black History Month officially ends on February 28th. Until, as a nation, we know our history – we cannot live or be in the present individually or as a social collective, in integrity.

If we are to be the things we claim – Just, Honorable, Inclusive, Democratic, Compassionate, Civilized and Champions of Collective & Individual Initiative – We will tell our children the truth of our history.  We will know what it is we are to relinquish for the freedom only truth provides.  We can never fully relinquish the bondage of our own doing – as a nation and as a people, while its vibratory frequency of deprivation persists through continued teaching and promotion of a self (collective or individual) which is derived from falsehood.  Not as a nation – Not as a people – Not as individuals.  Inclusion is just a keystroke of the truth in the biography of our lives.  It is that simple.

11750747_lIf we could truly know only the first chapter of the origin of our wealth as a nation, we would be changed forever and restored more closely to whole.  It is a choice for truth, as truth always is and always will be.  This is not about the past – Not about the future – This is about today.  The only place from which we may look back without disappointment, and forward with a vision of hope exists in what we choose for Now.

I understand the importance of  Black History Month, and  I wish it were unnecessary.   That is to say … I wish its objectives were served in the inclusion of truthful history.   I do not mean the purpose of the month or that which it provides is something of which I do not approve … it is necessary.   It might seem I should barely have right to an opinion about a history that excludes others, and  appears to not exclude me.  But I do have one .. and I am excluded.  We all are.  We are all excluded from any history that does not tell the truth of who we are.  It is not ‘Black History’ that excludes us however, it is the educational system, our culture, our willingness that excludes us.  It is White History revisionism that excludes Americans from American History.  I am excluded to preserve my ‘perceived lineage’ and preserve the false corruption of another, and in many ways a more noble one.   My opinion is we will long have to use this tool to make right so many wrongs.   White guilt?  Hardly.  I believe in the day the truth is told from the beginning, and the truth that does not require of our richest parts, an addendum to a legacy of shameless exclusion of those we should truly love … and even re-pay.  Reparation?  Yes… the restoration of truth will ultimately bridge every gap of class and equality.   It always does.

This Nation has no history separate from ‘Black History’ –  There is no White History that is separate – There is no separation.  It is because our educational system lies to our children with our consent that crimes are committed in the now of this moment, as we lie to ourselves in looking away from an inner truth that calls.   It is not that we should look back … we do not have to … we witness an act within the ever-present Now, in every present moment.

So – until we tell the truth of who we are, I support Black History Month.  If we wish to remove the heart of the grain that would nourish us, only to deliver it again in another dish on another day – we will live malnourished in the abundance of a harvest that lays before us whole.  I rather  look to the day our schools and history remove the need to give only a month to who we are – who we wish to be –  over a hollow portion of the grain within the abundant harvest of our true humanity and higher nature.

There is no shame in a past from which we ascend.  Still, there  is no ascension from a present  that remains concealed at the cost of harm to another.  There is no ‘other’ in One People.

There is more than honest history and truthful self awareness that must be imparted within the framework of self-perspective.  There are heroes – there are leaders – there are great minds, great loves, great teachers,  great humanitarians of every pigment and persuasion.  And yes,  there is the oppression , the violence, the beginnings for every culture of origin reaching these shores … no matter how we got here.   The sickness from secrets we keep from ourselves, is the legacy those secrets pass down.

Why is there confusion, racism and hatred?  We know we are One People – We know it.  We know we are  one consciousness of humanity.  If there is anything you have hated about yourself … or good you could not see in yourself … you know the struggle it has caused.  Particularly if it had to be hidden from yourself and from others.  Perhaps you are 30, 40 or 50 years old and just now beginning to love yourself  as a gay person – a woman- a man – an athlete and not an intellect – an intellect and not an athlete.  Perhaps you were told you had no talent, no value, or perhaps you simply did not understand your place in the world until today.  Perhaps there was only one thing – one aspect you could not see the magnificence of, and today you wish you had seen it, and seen it  much earlier.

As One People – the part of ourselves we are told to hate – told is substandard, or that which is lied about – This is the foundation of  the same injustice producing at  best …self doubt, at worst … self loathing.  This is our prejudice or our anger – and remains the origin and predominance of racial injustice, and its extension, hatred, and racial conflict.  It is, my friend … self loathing when we hate as a people, who we are.  The truth we wish someone might have known and told us about ourselves in the places we could not love ourselves without choosing to – choosing to overcome –  This is the place we must reach in ourselves as One People.

Before this month is over – Tell our society ‘It Gets Better’.  Tell one child about a champion, about the greatness of someone of color.  Read your children’s history books as closely as you check their math equations… ask yourself if it sums up the truth.  If it does not … be a parent – tell them the truth.  Let the child of our ever-renewing society see the wholeness of who he/she is.  To not kn0w ones history is to be doomed to repeat it.  And to not love one part of one’s self is to fail every accomplishment, every potential-  before one even begins.  jpb