Tiaras, Mirrors & Altruism

It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who get’s the credit ~ Harry S. Truman

Tiaras Mirrors and Altruism_l

This carries exponentially within group dynamics.  It is in fact, the primary limitation of organizations of service, activism, spirituality and community.  A ‘photo op,’ a ‘thank you‘ designed to highlight one’s involvement rather than express appreciation or promote objectives is highly transparent when it occurs.

The most successful organizations have fewer snap-shots, limited drama, high accomplishment on the client end of things – and little public notice of who did what to achieve it.  Individuals and organizations that operate without these barriers to success, leave a mark upon the world that may been less seen, but is known and felt all time.

Competition limits cooperation, excludes participation and disinherits the altruism and intended  results for beneficiaries. There are many who deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions.  The accolades, acknowledgements, awards and recognition are never misplaced extensions of a community’s appreciation.  The discernment lies between the humble acceptance of these, or the seeking of them.

Be kind ~ Include others ~ Exclude ego.