The Three Types of Bullying & What They Look Like

Types according to

Verbal BullyingPhysical Bullying – Social Bullying

Although there is certainly cross-over between the types of bullying and even the ages in which they are prevalent – basically it is perpetrated in life  stages.

10 years old and under is usually the Verbal Bullying– This takes the form of name calling, and it looks like this – This is called ‘playground warfare’

kid teased

11 years old and through mid-to-late teens is usually the Physical Bullying – This takes the form of  hurtful contact and looks like this-  This is called ‘beating someone up’


20 years old through well past middle age is usually the Social Bullying – This takes the form of social engagement and looks like this – This is called ‘gossip’

gossiping men

The first can be turned around with intercession and parental guidance – They know they are doing the wrong thing – they can be reached … they will want to change.

The second type can also be turned around with intercession and parental guidance – they can be reached and often grow out of it – have remorse and even reach out to those they have harmed.


The third type can seldom be turned around with intercession or growth. Usually they are unable to comprehend the damage they do, though are often found disapproving of the first two types.


How fast one yells an unkind word – How habitually one grabs and torments someone smaller – How quickly one dials the next number after hanging up the last –  These are among the most insidious social ills of our time.

Each of these, ultimately and without exception, looks very very much like this

sad girl no face

or this


or this

grieving girl

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