Support Gay Marriage – and soccer balls will much sooner generate energy for education

This is one of those ideas that reflects a million others. It’s one that… when written on a page, or spoken of, can sound a bit silly and a bit small to the call for solutions so large. All movement consumes one form of energy, however, and generates another – it’s coming.

When we see the devolving, the convolution and disinheriting of Lincoln’s conservatism to the degree of such rampant ignorance as Louis Gohmert’s equating bullets, brides and beastiality (and the response among colleagues is “I philia bru”) – I begin to realize those things DO go together. Ignorance is the hair clog of social equity and world peace.

I feel free in this context to mix ideas of my own. The problem we face today is that if we permit inequality, we also permit other ills stemming from fear, lack, lack of insight and greed. Other ills and even catastrophe will be harder to prevent – oil sands, nuclear waste, discrimination, class oppression, war and non development of clean energy.

Support Gay Marriage – and soccer balls will much sooner generate energy for education.

Reductio ad adsurdum? I don’t think so. Just as ignorance constricts and tightens the potential for higher thought and reduces and concentrates ignorance in a state, or in a state of mind – so does enlightened thinking expand the world of thought and ideas – freedom to leave the smallness of a small mind to the expanse of a global solution for every problem.

It’s the principle of “be the change you want to be” – “_____ starts in the home” – “”As man thinketh” – “Stupid is as stupid does”. “Don’t dream it, be it” – In the beginning there was the word” – It’s amazing where ideas come from – and where they truly don’t.