Thought About It

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Thought about my failures – Formidable and ever looming in the minds of those who’ve witnessed

Thought about my successes – Greater and ever fading to those whom they once inspired

Thought about my heart – Hiding from both in a void that can serve neither

Thought about my soul – Laughing or crying at nothing, lining through some list I’m sure I’ve seen

Thought about my spirit – Pushing and tired against all of these, thinking never would I fly again

Finally set my thoughts aside – Laughing weightless acrobat, seeing from  above the sky

We function with measure by groups or generations,  ultimately seeking recovery from our association to allegiances they exact upon us.

Literally and metaphorically – We take the bran and germ from wheat, bleach it for appearance and sell it to ourselves and to others, a generation ago. Then we buy bran and germ to unclog and fortify our bodies, add nutritionists and health gurus and vitamins to offset depletions. Books and courses, masters and initiates to struggle back to a wholeness that was taken apart peace by piece.

We raise children to learn to think our way – what to think, how to think, and to always be thinking before and after all they do. We dangle role models, heroes and achievement as the marker of whether that education has taken root, and anoint stock markets, social acceptance, playgrounds, chessboards, knowledge, credential, as assurance messengers to self and others that we’ve made good on all that thinking.  As someone thought up original sin, explaining  what we’ve taught’s   unexplainable shame.

Then we seek new remedies for the bran and germ all this ‘bleached-for-nothing-thinking’ removed from us, selling it once again to self and others. Our clogging is with wars, arguments, competition, sickness and self-ambiguity – from the separating, just like the grain. 

We put it all back together by hiring Tolle, Chopra,Oprah, self help books, and an assembly line of life coaches no more prepared to deal through thinking, with what’s in you, me, us than in themselves. We’re all un-bleaching our flour – taking courses and seeing gurus and teachers … on how to stop only thinking – stop thinking only – so as to return to being whole.  

When if set aside, in neither past, future, nor thought- Reflecting its ever-changing allegiances back to us once again – dropping the weight of their needless accumulations – Where we find ourselves floating weightless in the ever-presence of a wholeness that has always been there.

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    • Thanks Kathy! This is a ‘holding tank’ blog where some editing exchanges and test balloons linger. We’ll have our site up just after Christmas. Your my psychology teacher, I’m merely a humble student…… so you tell me – Should our communicating with a lot of different instruments, through multiple channels and forums be working so well with my Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder ? I’ll call you soon !!!

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