Chronicles of A Shamanic Path: The First Return

Shamanic Journey

Introducing David-Bruce to Shamanic Journeying this week, it was not surprising the old Mystic had been on them before – without the nomenclature or some of the geographical markers.  It’s like meeting somewhere new with old friends – leading to saying hello to a few new ones along with the old.  It would seem David’s affinity and close relationships with Shamans in Peru, in the Andean traditions- lent a previously unrecognized familiarity that all indigenous creatures attain.  When our journeys take us to the same place as another- we know a deeper world within each other, as well as within our selves.

I picked up a journey I started long ago. Stepping over a patch of rubble that wasn’t there before.  To see one’s past in the tangible mounds of hollow clacking bones scattered in dry crunching particulate and ash – where every step kicks up a cloud of white, dissipating into an ancient path . We let go,  and see our vision once again.  With a power we knew before.

~ Image Art by Bruce Rolff ~ 

2 thoughts on “Chronicles of A Shamanic Path: The First Return

  1. I love the art! Wondering what Shamanic teachers or path forms the basis for your conscious raising/shamanic journeying. I learned that you have just come to Ajijic and look forward to meeting you.

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