Happy First Wedding Anniversary

DB 1st Anniversary 2

Four Years Together & One Year Married 

My Life With You Is All I’ve Ever Hoped For ~ All I Could Ever Have Dreamed

Happy First Year Anniversary, David !

I’ll never be able to describe the romance. The ‘out of the clearest blue’ unexpected profound romance. I remember meeting before he left for Cuzco – and agreeing to communicate together while he was gone. Another one of those things you’re sure you shouldn’t tell anyone…especially in writing. The part about my friend Martin and I practicing remote communication for months before… and for no intended reason at the time. It later seemed like a confirmation that David and I should try, and felt decidedly about purpose and divinity after we agreed that we would, with no hesitation between us. I don’t recall how such a topic like remote communication might come up on a second date…but it had, and we did…or so I remember it.  That’s the thing about such things, seeming like something you dreamed of, or even dreamed up…. the more that time pushes it behind you. It was magic either way. Pure Magic.

Getting out of Stefanie’s car one day after grocery shopping – the day before he would arrive home from Cuzco… I asked her. I looked at her quite seriously…  “what if he changes his mind?” She looked at me a little funny … not knowing much other than that I liked him…really liked him…. “change his mind about what?” she answered. And then I realized of course, there had never been anything to change. There had never been an agreement to revise – no acceptance to decline – no first words to reconsider. Still, I held waiting for an answer just the same. He tells, so did he …..

We both love the wind on our faces. We both love elevations … nature … vistas that just seem to rise upon you. We drove all of the time. I’ve never driven or ridden so much. Not before, not since. We went everywhere we wanted to go. Everywhere!  I had never before laughed so much – felt so good – cared so much and so little at the same time… in very different and important ways where caring is concerned.

I can feel a force right now just talking about it – or writing it, anyway. It’s like what you feel on your face … your body … when a roller coaster climbs, or a ride you’re strapped into begins to rise. It’s not you controlling the drive. It’s all torque, all thrust … jumping at every start. It’s fainter now, but it’s not just a phantom. No, this I didn’t dream. This came from within me. The spontaneous, involuntary response in which I had no say. All I knew is that my heart beat fast, and I would say things that surprised me to hear for the first time. All of it wrapped up in laughter, blue eyes, and white, white hair blowing in the wind. 

I Love You, David

Thank You