Progressive Regression – Lies We Tell Ourselves About The Lies We Told Others


The first day Wikileaks appeared (to me), I researched Assange. He ran for congress in 2013 in the Australian preferential system. A system where all votes are counted. A party recommends to its constituency who their second choice should be – and the voters often, even usually follow suit. Assange selected Australia First. Australia First is a White Supremacist party (think America First for a moment) run by Jim Saleam. A name I surprisingly did not have to look up to submit here because his resume is burned into my brain. He was a leader in an Australian Neo-Nazi group in the 70’s and was jailed for an armed attack and firing shots on The South African Congress.

This is the party to which Julian Assange assigned his second choice – those who would receive the Assange Party votes in the event he did not garner 51 percent. The Russian connection to Assange is easy and has always been there. Putin is an ethnocentric white nationalist leader who has been an exemplar for its growing international movement for decades. While progressive American idealists were arguing Palestine and Jerusalem and fawning over Assange – eating up bizarre and incongruous attacks on Hillary Clinton by way of conspiracy, guess what? Our government was seized in a White Nationalist coup.

Anyone ever notice that Nigel Farange was the first foreign dignitary to meet with Trump? Anyone question why Wikileaks only put out damaging info on the DNC and Clinton? And now that we are here – in the midst of a war of conscience that has pointed its guns at any form of color metering tan to black on a whiteness scale; Do we wonder why a Republican congress turns a blind eye? Do we really wonder why this sycophant collection of greed mongers are okay with collusion of presidential campaigns with foreign entities- and by alliances with agencies such a Wikileaks? Ever wonder why it’s happening? The same reason progressives did it. It suited their agenda. It was useful to promote the false material put out against Hillary Clinton if you were a Sanders supporter. It was useful to draw from PACs like America Rising and American Crossroads and spread it as fact – because their propaganda fostered a seething vitriol against Clinton … and that served a faction of a fragmented but current progressive agenda. Do I believe we should all unite under a corporatist Democratic Party – implications be damned? No. Not at all. But don’t get in bed with the dog and then complain about the fleas. Or in the swamp and cry foul to the alligators.

After these alliances, we’re mad about the alignments no one bothered to worry about before, while the temptation to vilify a perceived enemy was useful. Now we’re upset. Now we would like truth in advertising again. Now we would like all the cheaters hung at the gates of the city. Now we are outraged that MSNBC & CNN, are called fake news while Fox and Breitbart are becoming the source to counter them in a second and almost equally disturbing overthrow. Liars have become the benchmark for truth and their convenience of the time is no longer appealing. Save it. Save your outrage. You are as complicit as Flynn. Every time you drew from that pool -put out a meme – unchecked and unrelated to truth you built the scaffolding underneath the truth war we are in today. Even still though, the bullshit continues. Articles like “Why Susan Sarandon Was Right” might look good on your coffee table while the gang is over to talk about revolution. Don’t forget which revolution you fought in – and for which side. A pawn is reliably unwitting  and seldom self aware enough to look inward when there is so much outwardly to blame. This didn’t bother many people who were for Sanders or for Trump during the heated and detested campaigning. But where did it lead us?

We all have a lot to look at on the truth scale. Let’s be sure in the coming elections this lesson is under our belt. I already see it rising again. And this White Nationalist coup is not over by a stretch –  even if Trump is impeached. This is an international movement and contingencies we haven’t even thought of will arise. Look back on all the glory our progressive body assigned to Assange and the accolades given him for defeating and defaming someone who was not nearly as bad as she was made out to be. Mad at Republicans for doing the same are you? Too bad. It is the same convenience of deception many of us propped our feet upon. If you lean on a convenient lie,  you’ll land in the hole it was pulled from.

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  1. Bravo for stating the truth…to both sides of the political scale. Until we own our roles in it, we can’t change it<:}

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