Collusion & The Rise of ChristiaNationalist Morality

Each day I hear someone ask the question “what is the stepping off point for the Republican Party?” How long will they look the other way as Trump lies, violates the rule of law and ignores the constitution? How do they continue while evidence of collusion by our president looms in the public’s collective view? How, during this all-consuming event, is the offender against American democracy – one of the worlds most prolific human rights criminals elevated by our president to a normalized status while simultaneously degrading the very office of his presidency. “How do they let it continue?”

Putin is a murderer. An assassin of journalists, dissidents, human rights activists, human rights lawyers, whistle blowers, political opponents – and anyone with aim to interfere with his power and personal profit. “How far will they let this president go, and for how long will they let him continue.?”  “How do Republicans and our president continue to provide aid to this sociopath while systematically poisoning the trust in American law enforcement, judiciary, media and democratic processes?” These are the questions of Democrats and the Democratic Party.

The question of “how far and for how long” is itself an intended reaction within a
formulaic ruse. It sends us on a search for reason based in a morality that the Republican Party does not embrace. A morality that has divided this nation since its inception. The premise of the question “how far” has no relevance. The Republican

Party is not looking the other way. They are looking straight ahead – with decisive and collaborative determination. This party and the religious right – nationalist right – and a
collective of mutually served ideologies have and are colluding to a specific end. The entire lot are colluding with Putin. American Christianity is colluding with Putin and we’re asking why the party they own is looking the other way? Together they represent the intention and the instrument of an anti-democratic movement and we’re playing into their hands by playing by the rules that they’ve abandoned long, long ago.


The Christian Right and the Republican Party have sought and are achieving the very vision that animates and empowers the Trump presidency. This is not a surprise, and the silence isn’t an uncomfortable shame pressing against a morality that’s soon to bear its limits. This is a calculated design. The Republican Party has become a terrorist organization. It has become an authoritarian regime, bent on eliminating the rights of all people not in lock step with the Religious Right – Nationalist – Corporatist – Oligarcichal America that garners it’s profit on top of wars and its labor upon the oppressed.

We continue to approach this crisis as though it’s a partisan stumble made by a few too blind to see the coming fall. We, the enlightened are waiting for the slow-to-see to arrive at a come-to-Jesus moment and they said goodbye to Jesus a long time ago – and it is we, not them who refuse to see. They are not blind, and this fall of theirs …. It is no accident.
GodsRubeGoldbergMachineOne of the problems we face – any of us who wish to make a case for the kind of collusion that actually exists – find ourselves trying to articulate the workings of a Rube Goldberg contraption. The goal is not complex and the aim is nowhere near above board. There are more moving parts than are necessary to the end, and the number of systems in play contradict the reasonability for claim that a system is working to any specific end at all. But that is the beauty of the Rube Goldberg design.  We remain hypnotized by all its moving parts. It in itself is the distraction obscuring its aim. The only certainty is the outcome. The anvil will drop out of the sky and land precisely on its target – while onlookers are mesmerized by the unlikelihood the contraption has any determinative function at all.

So who loves Vladimir Putin? The Religious Right – White Nationalists – The NRA – Anti-Gay factions – Anti-Democratic Authoritarians – and the list continues. Big oil loves Putin, and so does White Supremacist America. The private prison complex and Christian evangelical leadership. Christianity has used Christ to take whatever it wants from whomever it wants since the Jacobean era. And the methods used and means employed look a lot more like Putin’s ascension, than any that have ever been attributed to Jesus. Who loves Putin? More importantly – who is it that shares his values?

This ain’t no slip, kids. This is a plan. As a matter of fact – they’re calling it “God’s Plan.”