Deciding White America

White people are facing something today that is hard for many to face. 

America is a racist nation. It was founded on, developed by, and succeed because, the country was built upon the backs of Black American’s through racist indoctrination of a people for the purpose of profit. 

It is no longer just about profit. It is about racism. The indoctrination of white people into a supremacy ideology runs deep in this country. A long held belief, unless changed – becomes not what one believes but who one is as a human being. A great many are racists and supremacists – admittedly or not.

Look at how much work and how many administrations it has taken to even begin to turn that around. Look at the denial of privilege and the level of strain it takes to enact a law that introduces equality, followed shortly by the removal of the very same law that sustains it. Count the administrations and years it took to even partially subdue racism and oppression in America – now look at how few years and one administration it took to fully revive it. Why? Because this is who we are. Unless it isn’t who we are. That is what white America is deciding right now. Everyone else already knows. 

Look how quickly the ideology returns. It doesn’t take the a brilliant mind to see the effort required to create and ensure racial equality. It has yet to be more than partially achieved, which means it has not at all been achieved. Equality is a zero sum proposition. Like pregnancy – it is or it isn’t. It cannot be somewhat or a little bit so. 

The emancipation proclamation of 1863 did not do it. From there it was lynchings, rape, marginalization, voting limitations and threats of life and murder that kept equality from ever fully manifesting and terrorizing Black Americans and those who supported full equality for years on end.

The Civil rights act of 1964 did not do it. Black people have voice today and hold office today and that can certainly be deemed progress. But equality does not exist. Remember, there is no such thing as partial equality. Equality is equality, full or none.  Gains, yes – Equality – not hardly. 

Racism is not just the act of violence against a person or a population. It is the apathy about that act. It is the casual entertaining of a position regarding that act. It is the leisure at which a debate determines whether that act is racism or not. 

The argument we see taking place today as to whether this was an insurgency – the debate over which this has or has not been an act of sedition – the tireless and unaffected rejections as to whether this was an insurrection against a democracy for the purpose of retaining a racist administration for the purpose of resurgence of white supremacy is in itself the very definition of racism. 

Anyone who claims that Trump is not a white supremacist has had to substitute direct statements in his own words with multiple forms of denial, deflection, fake news projection or just plain willful dismissal. The most well-constructed of denial claims is the assertion that Trump doesn’t wish to overtly offend his base (insert respective supremacist/nationalist/anti-Semitic group name here), replacing his denunciation of a specific act of racism with proxy statements like “racism is repugnant’ or “racism is evil.” No one who truly disdains racism and supremacy lacks the ability to meet the offense with firm, specific, immediate and precise condemnation at the moment of issue. 

Virtually all of Trump’s pseudo-denouncements were leveraged from his reluctant lips after the fact and in response to broad demands and deep admonition toward political self-preservation. Even the supremacist groups themselves acknowledge that only by force of demand and in deference to preservation of “the cause” have any of these utterances left Trump’s reluctant lips. And these are not people quick to forgive betrayal. Ask any recovering supremacist or whistle-blower termed race-traitor in their new life of fear, isolation or witness protection. Sleights by member supremacists are not received slightly at all. 

To ponder what to do about Trump – is an act of racism. To defend and explain away the acts of him, his family, his cohorts, his appointees and he is allegiance bearers in congress is an act of racism. The country is not divided about anything other than a racist / non-racist divide. This is about nothing else. It is not about right and left ideology – big and small government – tax and spend or fiscal responsibility. This is about race. This is about equality. This is about white supremacy and where you fall on this subject does not exist on a spectrum. You fall on the side of white supremacy or you fall on the side of human equality and that is the truth few seem comfortable acknowledging. 

White people are not struggling with defining what this is – they’re struggling to openly define who they are – nothing more or less.