The Parasites of Conspiracy and How They Coopted Fashionistas of New Age Spirituality

In 2016, Sacha Stone describes TrumP As an Archetypal Buffoon. By 2020, TRUMP HAS BECOME ANOINTED LEADER IN G_D’S ARMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND SALVATION.

When we take a look at the unusual and unexpected alliance by spiritually minded seekers, practitioners and teachers with groups directly promoting white supremacy, misogyny, exploitation of indigenous peoples, in full alignment with far right wing ideologies – most of us sit in wonder as to how this was possible.

In this series, I will touch on the process and affectations that make this not only possible, but likely. The esoteric studies and disciplines have long left behind the practices of critical thinking in exchange for full devotion to sensing and intuiting. While at the same time critical thinking and objective reasoning became the earmarks of the unenlightened – new age spiritualist dogma has become reliant on accessories, ambience, vocabularies and visual accoutrement as semiotic identifiers of consciousness and ascension.

There came a time when science began to merge with forms of spirituality. Energetics became measurable and quantum physics began to correlate thought with matter in ways never before considered. But these discoveries and realizations are in their infancy. Still, at one time science and spirituality were diametrically opposed ideas. As has become true for logic and critical thinking in opposition to contemporary marketed intuition and sensory awareness. For those wishing to pose as enlightened or wishing to attain to a degree greater than certainty will support – no amount of logic or demonstration is likely to prevail upon them.

One such example of blind following is that of Sacha Stone. Below are some examples of his failed predictions and allegiance to far right conspiracies that have become unchallenged by a mass of uninquisitive followers who remain unmoved and uninterrupted by either his untenable alliances or his repeated failure of predictions and special insights. He is a con artist that goes unchallenged by a community that prior would never have signed on in association with those he espouses as divinely positioned. By these I mean Trump, QAnon, Insurrectionists, and global supremacists like Vladimir Putin whom Stone refers to admiringly as Putin-it-right.

Let’s Start Here

In the video below 14:16; Sacha Stone talks about our having manifested Trump into the field (quantum field) our reality. He explains as we awaken – enough of us awaken – we change that – we awaken to that fiction, where the paradigmatic shift takes place in us – in enough of us to change the world. That is where we are right now (2016) in “the very last gasp” as he describes it. He speaks of self-awareness as being the foundational aspect for the change. Donald Trump is his view here, is the mirror by which mainstream America will see themselves.

“If the bit_h Clinton gets into office we’re in trouble – If Donald Trump gets into power, we’re going to see buffoonery of epic proportion strutting around on the world stage..” Recognize here, that Sacha Stone is describing what Trump reflects back to the worst of America – a reflection to them as to who they actually are- in graphic imagery of physical and spiritual content.

“I think it’s time for the great United States of America to see the idiocy in reflection- perfectly reflected back at it. Not to malign the great many noble brilliant brothers and sisters in America. But it is to suggest that mainstream America is a uniquely perfidious buffoon itself. And that the mainstream American- the mean average, is nothing laudable. We’re talking about the homogenized DNA of human kind going back to pre-Sumerian times.”

This is Sacha Stone‘s further elucidated description of Trump

“Something that is vastly overweight with no sense of aesthetic – no inner proportion of any spiritual dimension. The average mainstream American alas is not a very noble creature. This is well evidenced. You’ve got very brilliant people in America but the mean average is a tragedy- its tragic-comic, and Donald Trump is an archetypal representative of that type of buffoonery. So it would serve the people of America to see their own reflection as a caricature – a technicolor caricature that wants to build 30 foot walls across Mexico and have some wearing badges and exfiltrating to other countries. Bernie Sanders being the only organic and real human being in the race.”

In this video Sacha Stone claims trump is the representative of the true intent of Democracy. In this description, Sacha Stone considers Trump a savior and in the QAnon description of Trump as a militarily backed savior. Since publishing this comparison – access to this video has been removed.

Below: Sacha Stone’s letter to “My Fellow Sapiens”

This letter below contains attributions to Trump as President (let’s remember his description of the buffoon who is placed here as a reflection of the stupid and unremarkable, ignoble, lazy, fat American in whom they may see themselves clearly reflected.)

Let’s also note that he claims a false consistency by opening with “As I have unflinchingly maintained...” a tactic used regularly by narcissists, abusers and con-artists throughout time and circumstance. He has not unflinchingly maintained anything. This is him lying. He has dramatically and diametrically relocated his view and intellectual continent – one of opportunity to merge his racket with useful relative mass. One that bolsters an exodus-typified mass that is falsely coopted as part of his described awakening. As with most of Sacha Stone’s evolution, it has a malleability that is fully and shamelessly conformable to a range of competing views that blatantly contradict his prior. A neat trick, boldly striving to maintain that he has a flawless curve of accurate prediction. Stone constructs a diversion-oriented lexicon and professorial tone that in my view covers nothing, but instead exposes arrogant attempts to self-elevate to those whom he condescends. It’s shiny and appealing to low information or curiosity-lacking audiences ever enticed by lures of consciousness exceptionalism that elevates them to a place of special knowing. He makes folks special. He is a con and his predictions fail regularly, but are recapped and sometimes removed from accessibility as he lies to maintain relevance and perceived accuracy.

To My Fellow Sapiens Dated: 05/01/2020

“As I have unflinchingly maintained, President Trump will not only prevail at the head of a landslide victory, but at the crest of the greatest mandate achieved by a President in history. That is because he carries favor with the two most powerful forces in the universe: the grace of G-d and the pulse of humanity. “

How does anyone reconcile this, and the hundreds of places Sacha Stone fluidly gaslights against his prior and unfulfilled predictions. His ever-divergent adjustments to re-connect himself to the next contrived cutting edge wave of pseudo anti-anti-ism? His efforts do however finance an enormous portfolio of land and cash titled and deposited around the world. This guy is a con – his alignments are largely with other cons. He adorns his image with blankets of vocabulary-strained camouflage as though to bolster insight and a measurability of a futurists acumen.

Sacha Stone has veiled alignments with global white supremacists and are steeped in statements of anti-semitism that require little research to see. He is a world class misogynist. It doesn’t take a deep dive to uncover the BS Mr. Stone promulgates to people ironically seduced by buzz words of elevated consciousness.

Before moving on the the alliance-laden mutuality of conspiracy-cons, let’s look at allegiances and additional failed predictions in association with them. The reason for Stone’s claims that align him with QAnon and other organizations is that they procure mass. When they fail, he just rolls up and away with a garner of that following and moves on to reconfigured predictions that neither explain nor entertain the failed predictions drawn out of fake claims for deep knowledge through his covert connections. These broaden and open up Stone’s following the same way QAnon Tagline-abducted Save The Children while pseudo-legitimizing them by association. Once the gig is up – low information followers remain with him and he retains them through a shiny dazzling vocabulary tango – rose in mouth – with long hip-to-hip strides at tempo away from the scene of extirpation from a legitimate cause – or populated cause, legitimate or not.

Then there is Robert O Young. A perfect bed-fellow for Stone and an apologists unapologetic mutual support.

Robert O Young, has been indicted, convicted, fined and jailed for his exploitation of, and treatment of patients who have died from his prescription for no conventional medical treatments – just his alkaline treatments at his ranch where people have been exploited, harvested, to use a Sacha Stone term, and misled to their ultimate detriment.

I realize there is the big Pharma, and financial interests in sustaining conventional treatments over alternative treatment. There is no legitimate debate that that isn’t a reality. But also, there are those who exploit that fact and injure people by sustaining a false theory to which they have devoted their lives. To say “never mind I was wrong” would be their total financial end – just as self serving as the big Pharma self-preservation. So much like them, they also lie.

They sustain an unproven treatment that allows them to shield their exploitation under the cover of “they’ve maligned me because I am onto something that threatens big pharmaceutical – so they and government have shut me down.” Robert O Young is a con. His treatments do not have the type of momentum, traction or veracity to be a threat to any legitimate conventional or alternative treatments. He and his His wife are cons. His baking soda treatments and his metaphor of the fish bowl (would you treat the fish or change the water) is not a viable equivalency. This should be beyond apparent. It would serve to analogize air pollution, but not the Internal function of the human body – especially since no matter what you take in – it enters the intestinal tract acidic purely from the digestion process in stomach acid – no matter what you eat. Non-chemical based foods and plant based diets are proven to foster the eradication of a myriad of ills over a longer period of time. But his pseudo alkalinity ruse is just that. A ruse by which he exploits the ill.

His alignment with other conspiracy-driven cohorts is the cover he takes to maintain a persecution-subjected persona of fighting the big enemy even to his own detriment. No, he’s been busted, and has fought nothing except the reputation he deserves by hiding under a cloak of noble embattlement against unjust persecution and financial terrorist control by Luciferians. It’s hogwash and is easily unearthed by minor research and watching and reading his own material.

This woman in the link below died as well as others after paying for all of their treatment in advance. These people have not gone public and lied. And they are not people who are bitter because of a cancer death. They are notifying people about a narcissistic exploitation artist who tells people to stop all other treatment in 3rd and 4rth stages and to trust him and give him in advance six figures . He never addresses the deaths – not even once. Certainly an honest person with the degree of knowledge and confidence to prescribe stopping all treatment and put yourself in my hands and you will live – would have the confidence and competency to know why it didn’t work in the cases he ended all treatment and shortened their lives because of it.