A Hero is Made

Once in a while, greatness rises from the cast of the every day human. Though it abounds among the populations of good people faced with dark circumstances in flickers of small acts of heroism – that every day hero is seldom found on the global stage charged with heroism on a global scale with consequences even greater. But today he is. A burden of magnitude falls on the shoulders of an every day pedestrian in the daily walk of every day life. And he steps up and rises up, equal to its proportion. And we cheer him as we cheer ourselves because we see ourselves in his reflection. Whether coward or fighter – whether steadfast or lost – we see the human spirit in our own size, registering our own portion – and we witness our capacity regardless of whether our own courage has hit or missed its own call. We see our human condition right up next to and bearing against the stuffs of our human potential. We are reminded how great our courage, how important our dignity and our witness, no matter what else we’ve won or lost. It is the moment of the champion. Every game ever played, every story ever told is an allegory for and a supplicant to a very human moment such as this. Heroes are never made from a station above our humanness, while by it we ever rise.