Illuminable Extrospection

Bruce Rolff

Humans experience energies much like other elements are perceived.  You do not see wind, you see the debris and particulate it conveys.  You do not see light, you see its reflection- the side that is not shadow.  You see fragments of spectrum as carbon variations reflect the reds, the yellows, the blues and the greens, and the vastness of beauty by their limitless combinations.  Still ….. this is merely a reflection.

That which you see in the physical, we tell you, is neither their infinite array nor their incomprehensible spectacle of glory.  As much as physical sight will allow, it is dulled to the infinite geometrics of that which is not merely reflection, and yet remains unseen.

You feel the warmth, but not the structures transporting light and energy, nor the speed or wakeless force which delivers its comfort and utility.  Neither do you see the envelope from within which humans comprehend a relationship to the universe relative to time- another composition of which only its reflection is perceived.  It is a concept only beginning to seep in, and contradict the idea that you are separate from anything else, or that confines perception to a sequence of passing moments, making time the reference to your existence, and eternity the illusion in your mind.

~ Image Artist Bruce Rolff ~ 

The Calling



 The Calling

I glanced to the wind blowing past me today

My Spirit swept by like a stranger, though looking

Told a story and touched the earth

Calling dead leaves and memories to the ground


Crisp and crackling, dancing across stones

Gathered and placed to mark a garden

It’s bringing me home I can hear the wind say

Whistling between rocks that hold no green


I stand and wait for the sound of my feet

The purpose once echoed in my stride

Hearing my name from the calling of a distance

Laughter welling up with my leaping to the gate


Running to the sound of my name in a whisper

Calling me further to source and away

I thought it another, I heard among the leaves

That spun and danced around my dreams


Tears welled up in my heart and eyes

Clouding my vision and honing my sight

To see I had waited for a dream not my own

But the calling was to me, by a chariot of wind


The footsteps I heard were my own, in a vision

Their echoes, my calling and departure

I held us here, which kept you away

Hearing but not listening who called


I thought it a stranger among my fears and hope

In a dormant and untended garden

Still the love real, and the tears rejoicing

Lifting to the sky, smiling goodbye and good journey


I reached to the wind blowing past me today

My Spirit stood by like a friend, long waiting

To cast a story and touch the sky

Calling my soul to mindful waking




  Image Artist  ~  Moreen Blackthorne

Chronicles of A Shamanic Path: The First Return

Shamanic Journey

Introducing David-Bruce to Shamanic Journeying this week, it was not surprising the old Mystic had been on them before – without the nomenclature or some of the geographical markers.  It’s like meeting somewhere new with old friends – leading to saying hello to a few new ones along with the old.  It would seem David’s affinity and close relationships with Shamans in Peru, in the Andean traditions- lent a previously unrecognized familiarity that all indigenous creatures attain.  When our journeys take us to the same place as another- we know a deeper world within each other, as well as within our selves.

I picked up a journey I started long ago. Stepping over a patch of rubble that wasn’t there before.  To see one’s past in the tangible mounds of hollow clacking bones scattered in dry crunching particulate and ash – where every step kicks up a cloud of white, dissipating into an ancient path . We let go,  and see our vision once again.  With a power we knew before.

~ Image Art by Bruce Rolff ~ 

Lateral Learning, Transcendent Teaching, Fashion-less Faith


Wishing the world peace

Wishing communities and its members relief from the competition that seeks superiority, one over the other

Reprieve from the competition of knowledge, spiritual attainment and the senselessness in the seeking of greater wisdom over others

The checkered flag of transformation in this race for attainment that Spiritual Fashion and Industry market like Maybelline and L’Oréal 

Calls for conformity like AberZombies pitching another exclusionary Fitch


Oneness cannot escape you

You can’t be left behind

Teaching takes place in a lateral today

Vertical hierarchies

No longer exist

It’s all within you

It’s all among you

Side by Side


Image Artist ~ Bram Janssens