Illuminable Extrospection

Humans experience energies much like other elements are perceived.  You do not see wind, you see the debris and particulate it conveys.  You do not see light, you see its reflection- the side that is not shadow.  You see fragments of spectrum as carbon variations reflect the reds, the yellows, the blues and the greens, … Continue reading Illuminable Extrospection


The Calling

  The Calling~ I glanced to the wind blowing past me todayMy Spirit swept by like a stranger, though lookingTold a story and touched the earthCalling dead leaves and memories to the ground Crisp and crackling, dancing across stonesGathered and placed to mark a gardenIt’s bringing me home I can hear the wind sayWhistling between rocks that hold … Continue reading The Calling

Chronicles of A Shamanic Path: The First Return

Introducing David-Bruce to Shamanic Journeying this week, it was not surprising the old Mystic had been on them before - without the nomenclature or some of the geographical markers.  It's like meeting somewhere new with old friends - leading to saying hello to a few new ones along with the old.  It would seem David's … Continue reading Chronicles of A Shamanic Path: The First Return

Lateral Learning, Transcendent Teaching, Fashion-less Faith

Wishing the world peace Wishing communities and its members relief from the competition that seeks superiority, one over the other Reprieve from the competition of knowledge, spiritual attainment and the senselessness in the seeking of greater wisdom over others The checkered flag of transformation in this race for attainment that Spiritual Fashion and Industry market … Continue reading Lateral Learning, Transcendent Teaching, Fashion-less Faith