Looking The Other Way

We live in a time where we are called to embody the values by which we wish to live. Not just as an individual, but as a society. In every choice made, we assemble the parts list from which our coming human condition will be constructed. 

Today – this moment – this act or this inaction, is the choice we make for the ascended or descended world. We ARE the collective that those parables of our spirituality claim. It is however, much more physical, much more pedestrian and day-to-day than our interpretations of them proclaim. It does not hover in the ethers. It is not far away and attained only in meditation under a tree. It is exuded by the acts from our hearts, and the thoughts from our minds. It is now, in this moment, in this decision and in this choice, that we decide what we become. It is now, and pieces of what we are becoming are arriving fully, daily, and in full view. If you look you can see. But take off those insulating glasses that have you see the ‘other’ only. Look at yourself here too. We are here also, whomever we are.

We are not just living the expressions of free will, but the consequences of enacting it as well. When we choose to look the other way, while one is damaged by the lies or abuses of another – we are designing the landscape upon which our dreams and our lives will bear themselves out. Those are the conditions through which our hopes will be realized or denied. It is as bleak as it is brilliant – depending solely upon the makeup of our conscience – the soul of who we are.

When one person chooses deception as their advantage, they are building the channel their dreams will follow. The witness that joins in or looks the other way for their comfort, convenience or benefit, is building the structures under which their future, and their children’s future will rise. We build this thing together. Either by witness, or by effort – the outcome belongs equally to both just the same. 

There are no small secrets or small infractions one slips by. It is in fact these very things that are the bulk of our make-up. The hidden is the particle that builds the material world. And yet we still believe we can atone for one sin, while  suborning another and see the atonement as our trajectory, and the substance of who we are. It is our secret world that builds our outward reality. And we must come to terms with that if we are ever to rise to our greatest potential. 

When one looks the other way – they look into the eyes of the future of humankind. It is never small. It is never insignificant. It is in the smallest allowances by which a whole new politic and a whole new America has risen. When we think it was them and not us, while we also may sit idly by watching one damage another and say nothing, do nothing, even help them gain advantage. We cannot then point to the person in a MAGA hat and say it is them. We are the construct of the atmosphere in which the lies prevailed.

It is the acceptance of the lie, not the content of the lie that is our collective’s largest burden to bear. If you are supporting lies – especially those that harm another – you are equally responsible for all we face from lies. And as long as you abdicate your responsibility to truth – never pointing a finger at a lie no matter who it hurts or how severely – lies will remain this powerful.

It is all of us that permit lies to damage others. If you’ll take notice, it isn’t the liars who have built so much mass, but those who witness them and do nothing. Never before has it been illustrated more clearly or more broadly. Do you think the message is somehow not to you? Whatever lie you protect or allow to go uninterrupted – it is the very same thing, a contributor. Our culture and our collective has come to a place where lies don’t matter. Ask yourself what lies you know about that do not matter enough to you to do anything about – either because of alliance, gain or convenience. Correct those, and the world will change. And not until you do. It is always us – and rarely, almost never is it just them. 


One thought on “Looking The Other Way

  1. I listened to a YouTube video yesterday which expressed a similar view as your post. They concluded if you want to change the world, “let your light shine.” From my perspective, you are shining and encouraging others to do the same. Lies don’t shine. They leave people in the dark. Those who feel comfortable with lies – are similar to the people who wanted to remain in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. I can’t remember if or how those people were coaxed out of the cave. BUT, today, we can keep shining, and those who want to follow will brighten the way for others. Those who don’t want to be exposed to the light will wither away. There’s little we can do to free them other than continue to be free –under any circumstance.

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