The Gut Punch of Uvalde

Parents – all parents are deeply affected by events like these at Uvalde Texas. What white parents may not recognize as we all take the gut punch of senselessness – as we look at our children sleeping and fear for their lives knowing nowhere is safe – not even a grade school.

Parents of Black children face this fear every day.

An absolute equivalent of abject fear  

For those who have had trouble empathizing with the stress and fear Black Parents call out for police stops and random stops ending in death or terror. This is the level of fear and anguish Black Parents feel for their child every day – every time their children leave the home. 

But there is more than just the fear. There is the absence of outrage and demand for change. The outrage and demand for change that rings out all around us today. The uniting of wills and political capitol rallied to bear in response to such an outrage – that is absent for their children. Imagine how you would feel if you sat and no one said or did a thing? This is the part that adds anger to anguish. This is the part that calls for words like Black Lives Matter. When evidence abounds that they don’t. 

This might be a good time to comprehend this. It is no different than what we all feel right now. And it has never been different or less. Even more, it has been more likely and a more frequent  reality- touching the lives of families for decades and longer. 

And no one doing anything about it. 

Now you know.