Excerpt 9: Activism & Spirituality

9789025_lThere is a misconception among so many wishing to wear a badge of spirituality, which contributes significantly to a divide between spirituality and activism.  The violence of apathy and non-engagement is perpetrated largely by the “spiritual” more than the “activist”, and this occurs because the ‘badge’ is for the ego, rather than expansion, inclusion or enlightenment.

‘Not condoning’ something is not the same as taking action to prevent harm and suffering.  This often simply means knowing it is there, understanding it, and saying so to others that can help change it, or to those whom it may keep from harm.  Hold the vision of peace – pray – accept how things are without anger and emotionalism, and always in love and honoring of self and others.  This is among the most important lessons on which spiritual seekers stall.  Wanting to teach before they are ready – quoting excerpts from principles they do not yet understand.  It is part of the path, for many, it seems.  I bring this up to remind those gently… it is OK… step through – step through.

It is vital that we hold a vibration of peace.  Still, just as we would take the action to remove a hand from the harm of something injuring it – we remove the ’cause of harm’ or ‘the one harmed’ from injury or danger among our brothers and sisters. They, Us –  are the ONE body of humanity.  “I am not my brother’s keeper – I am my brother”, is lost at times in the self indulgence of egoic spirituality, or spiritless, compassionless activism. These are both known by the ‘other-ization’ of  someone – however passively it may be perpetrated.

Life exists to thrive – to grow through rock, burst through shells, push branches through the canopy of shade and darkness into the light of day.  Speak the truth of what you see if it is injustice.  Speak it in straightforward language as you would to those behind you navigating cliff-side perils, so they don’t plummet by the dangers of not knowing.  Whether this is an act of peace or a demonstration of acrimony is entirely within the intent of the person speaking it.  And how it is received, is equally true for the one hearing.

Step through the platitudes of  ‘holding higher vibrations’ as an insulation from accountability, and a costume of self elevation.  This consciousness of which we are a fraction….knows no hierarchy.  Know that the vibration of life and intention are your contribution.  Nature IS harmony … The earth represents life and harmony perfectly.  It need not be quiet to be serene, nor lack boldness to be the place of peace and divine evolution.  We are the enslaved and we are the emancipator – It is ours, to keep care of our entire body – to preserve our ONE from doing harm to our ONE, as one hand would not allow hurt to the other.

There are many who await this being under our collective spiritual belts, our activism belts, so we may get on with the undoing of harmfulness- rather than serving the vertical structures of spiritual or activist ambition.  It is OK to speak of suffering, to identify lower conditions, to become involved in the tragedies of the human condition as we remain the space of peacefulness.  Within intent is the vibration of resolution.  Resolution is healing, healing is love, and ‘our peace’ is within the comfort of the least of us.  Peace is stillness, but not silence.  It is not without action – it is without turbulence – it is without ego.