Peace is when there is no anger, shame, or feelings of exclusion….loneliness through not being a part of- or enrichment through the tentacle sensations of the exclusive, powerful and influential.  The opposite of Power-Full in this context is not Power-Less.  It is the Being ones power…not Showing ones power – however politely or disguised.

There is no competition of mind or heart, in this peace.  There is no attempt toward another to feel reduced…and no feeling of elevation if one does.  There is no feeling smarter or cleverer- foolish or small.  There is no use of knowledge to place one’s self in an echelon, high or low.  There are no echelons in peace.  We often think peace is the absence of fighting – the absence of weapons – the absence of malice.  It is certainly these things … of those we can see.  I wish everyone peace today.  The kind you cannot see.  The kind no one can see.  The kind of peace that makes room for all, in every way.  The kind of peace that doesn’t call for –re-wording of what we say, because peace is certainty, truth and room.

This is my wish for the eternal moment we sometimes trendily call The Present – The Now.  Now is not a moment or increment in time – it is All.   Peace is not an exchange or within a transaction, material or ethereal – it is All.  There is no reciprocity in peace – its value much greater quid, or quid pro-quo.   I wish us all All, in this moment – This Peace.  It’s here somewhere…. we cannot see.